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Why Audio Books?

Today I would like to talk about #audiobooks and a bit about #audible

No I am not sponsored, just sharing some insights.

Being a student, on the move always and now being in business and having my time eaten up I rarely get time to sit down and read a book. So due to the infamous advertising of audible I was like what the heck, lets try it out. My first book was a sci-fi book by Ernest Cline which was really long, 14 hours I think, took me 3 weeks to finish it and was kinda hard at first. But I did and I am happy to tell that listening to books has become the number one way for me to get through them now, 20 books and counting so far in the past year.

At first its kinda hard to listen to a book you need to develop this sense of paying attention to what you are hearing and process that while you resume your daily tasks. It took me about 2 weeks and I could easily listen to a book meanwhile driving/cooking/walking around or just working on my tasks. The driving and listening is the best combo by far.

Lastly I know people here hate paying for stuff because not everyone has a credit card or some just generally don’t like the idea of paying the price for services like audible because they are kinda expensive for us but if you do want to try out the experience go on youtube and search audiobooks and there are plenty of them there. I found some on soundcloud also. Some books were not available to me on audible because of region restriction so thats what I did, I used to hunt for a book on audible, get it there if possible otherwise listen to it some other way.

Recently I have gotten into #selfhelp #books and #podcasts, I think listening to stuff like this can truly enable you as a person to achieve more.

Yes I know the people who love to read might cringe at this post but I genuinely think reading is great and all but for more efficient use of time listening to books could be just as great, I personally retain more information from listening to content than reading it.

So some tips if you do want to start this journey:

  • Try to get a trial on audible, first book is free so no worries and cancelling is easy also plus you get to keep the book. Its a great way to start out.

  • Always listen to sample before you get a book or give it a listen on youtube, some books have bad background noise which can be annoying.

  • For audiobooks the reader matters as much as the author does, so try to find readers who have good tone in their voice and can express stuff as its meant to be in the book, avoid monotonous readers unless you really really want to get done with that particular book.

  • Start out with short books, 3-4 hour books are a great way to get used to the listening experience.

  • Always try to listen on headphones as that is much more immersive than listening to on loudspeakers unless you are driving.

  • Do understand that this doesn’t mean you should stop reading, some really long books I finished was by reading and listening in combination, so get the best of both worlds if you have access to it. Amazon has a service called whisper sync which helps with that but I didn’t use it to let you know more about it.

  • Lastly since there should be tech involved, on iTunes if you have a book in mp3 format right click on it and get info, change its type to audiobook and it will show up separately in your iBooks app instead of music player.



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