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Service Centre

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Service is a key factor that needs to be considered when one purchases any sort of commodity. That is what PAK MAC offers the best. We are one of the oldest Authorized Service Providers in Pakistan. 

Our new Service Centre is fully equipped to accommodate any kinds of technical failures related to laptops, desktops or any consumer IT product.

Key Features:​

  • Highest Rated Service Centre

  • Authorized Service Providers

  • Product Warranty Claim and Coverage

  • Software Support

  • Hardware Repair support

  • Networking Setup

  • Genuine Parts Availability

  • Service Level Agreements

  • Remote IT Support

  • Large Scale Technical Team

  • Certified Repair Personnel

  • Enterprise Deployment Help

We also offer on-the-go accessories and peripherals suited to most of your tech needs.

For further queries please feel free to contact
us and our staff will be happy to help you.


General Warranty Policy
This warranty policy sets forth the warranty terms governing all products sold by PAK MAC.
Products bought from other unauthorized vendors or repaired beforehand will be subject to approval for service.

  • Please bring the original invoice with you when you visit our service centre for a claim.

  • The invoice (or Proof of Purchase AKA POP) should include the date of purchase, product details, serial number, model number, and preferably be a printed hardcopy with seller details.

  • If a product is out of warranty standard diagnostics & service charges will apply.

  • Under warranty, we are bound to repair the product at no extra service charges for the said repair.

  • Liquid damage and physical damage are not covered under warranty.

  • Any defect arising due to connecting to high voltage and wrong power supply/source will not be treated under warranty.

  • If the end client has attempted to repair the product him/herself or from an unauthorized service centre; it will not be treated under warranty.

  • If your device is found to have damage, it will be documented by taking pictures upon initial inspection of a submitted product.

Period of Warranty

  • The warranty period may vary from product to product.

  • Standard Warranty is limited to 12 months unless otherwise specified.

  • Out of warranty parts that are repaired typically have 90-days warranty.

  • Warranty extension programs like AppleCare Protection Plan are applicable for some products.

  • Refurbished products have varying warranty periods depending on the product.

Device Data Policy

We do not warrant, represent or undertake that we will be able to repair or replace any product under/out of the warranty without risk to and/or loss to data stored on the product.
In no event shall PAK MAC be liable for:

  • Data Loss or damage occurred as a result of a repair or service.

  • Data Losses caused by the user’s fault of not backing up data beforehand.

Apple Products Warranty

Get your Apple product back working the way it should. Our Apple-trained technicians use Apple-approved diagnostics and tools on every repair. And we only use genuine Apple parts. This means that all of our repairs are Apple certified and backed by Apple.
The Apple Limited Warranty

The Apple Limited Warranty covers your Mac and the accessories that come with it against manufacturing defects for one year from the date you bought your Mac. The warranty doesn't cover damage caused by accidents or unauthorized modifications. If your repair isn't covered by warranty, charges may apply.

What are the steps for a repair?

  • Bring your Mac product to the PAK MAC Service Centre after making sure of below:

    • Please bring the original invoice with you when you visit our service centre for a claim.

    • The invoice (or Proof of Purchase AKA POP) should include the date of purchase, product details, serial number, model number, and preferably be a printed hardcopy with seller details.

    • Please backup your data, sometimes the issue might be larger than what you originally think and having a backup is always a secure way to ensure satisfaction.

    • If you need help backing up your data, you can request help with the matter.

    • Please note once your Mac product is submitted for repairs we do not guarantee the safety of its data or the possibility of data recovery.

  • Inform the team about the issue you are having with the product

  • The Service Team will run initial diagnostics on the product and inform you of your options

  • You can visit our centre or make a reservation by calling +92514257171 | +923455509864

  • Before visiting if you are able it is always advised that you note down your Apple ID username and password and your laptop password somewhere separate for your knowledge.

What does it usually cost?

Repairs covered under Apple Warranty or AppleCare Protection Plan are repaired free of charge in case of no damage or prior unauthorized repair.
Please note that KBB (known bad board) parts have to be returned for Warranty Claim purposes, these parts have to be sent back to Apple.

Repairs out of warranty are paid - parts have various prices and to know how much it will cost for a repair please contact our staff on-call or on-site. Parts can either be paid to be exchanged or bought as stock and have different pricing. Charges for software installation or other services apply separately if you request them specifically.

Service Guarantee (For Under Warranty Purposes)

We guarantee our service, including replacement parts, for 90 days or the remaining term of your Apple warranty or AppleCare plan coverage, whichever is longer. 
For More Information on Apple’s warranty guidelines visit:
Please note different rules apply to different regions.

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