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Notes On Mac OS & iOS

On Mac OS:

Note taking is an important aspect of any workflow and that is why nearly every online business service has some sort of note taking application, Google has Keep, iCloud has its own Notes, Windows has OneNote and Evernote is quite famous also.

What i like to use on a daily basis is 'Notability', this app is available on iOS and Mac OS. Now it has all the standard note taking features which are quite common but it has become my favorite because of just one edge it has over all others aforementioned; The ability to backup all your notes as PDF files on cloud service of your choosing. This feature is just so unique and I have come to use it daily for online/offline backups, it saves your notes in pdf form so you can access them on any device plus it auto replaces the files to the latest version in the app. Do try this, its a one time paid app and has the features to back the offerings, no account necessary to use it, you only need the account of service you wish to create your backup on.




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