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Be Smart About Smart TVs

General Tech Tip

Smart TVs are all the hype these days and all for good reason. Much of the media we consume these days is online and having a Smart TV helps achieve that goal. But the issue is that many places charge a whole lot more for Smart versions of the TVs.

So my suggestion is to invest into either.

A chrome cast: which enables you to cast apps from your phone/computer to your tv wirelessly, you can put stuff in queue also on some apps, this is by far the cheapest yet best casting option, the problem only being that you do need to rely on your phone/computer for control.

A Android TV box: this option is not that famous and I don’t know why, a good android tv device form makers like Xiaomi can cost around 70 USD and is a really good alternative solution, giving you full access to the Android tv OS which supports apps, casting and voice commands. Has bluetooth built in also to connect to your wireless speakers. The benefit with this solution is that you don’t need to rely on a your phone/computer and can be fully used with the included remote. Making any TV a Smart TV.




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