iPhone SE: The Safest Bet

In the age where the budget end of smartphones is full of excellent offerings like the OnePlus Nord, Samsung Galaxy A71, Google Pixel 3a/4a, Samsung Galaxy S20 FE and many more; it becomes a bit hard to justify iPhone SE to people attracted towards flagship appearances. The iPhone SE looks nothing like a flagship phone, has the face of a 6 year old device and the size of an even older standard. iPhone SE also lacks the fancy on paper numbers like quad camera setup, ultra fast charging, gigatons of RAM and edge to edge display. All being said though, your best option if you are looking to spend 400-600USD is probably the iPhone SE from the perspective of longevity and reliability. We do cover what makes a smartphone premium in another article but today we will be focusing on the biggest positives of the safest bet in the smartphone industry, the Apple iPhone SE 2020.

Below are our top reasons for consumers to consider iPhone SE 2020 especially in the Pakistani market.


Performance is the biggest reason why one would go for the iPhone SE, there is no doubt about the performance iPhone SE offers. Hands down it is the best performing device in its price category and even manages to beat many 800USD+ Flagship devices by other brands. iPhone SE is easily one of the fastest performing devices available in the market from the pers