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WhatsApp Guide Compilation


Some tips for #WhatsApp, the most popular messaging app today:

  1. You can pin upto 3 chats from your favorite contacts to always appear on the top, swipe right on a chat or tap and hold.

  2. You can set custom notification sounds for every chat just tap on the top and then select custom message tone/notification tone depending on OS.

  3. You can use your WhatsApp on computer by either visiting or downloading install-able client for WhatsApp, this does require your phone to be online to work.

  4. You can quickly add filters to photos you send, after taking or picking a photo from your gallery just swipe up to quickly access filters.

  5. You can just delete selective data from a chat, like if you want to delete all spam videos from a chat, to do this go to WhatsApp settings go to Data and Storage Usage and then Tap on Storage Usage at bottom to see how much each chat is eating up.



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