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Our beginning was marked by being one of the first Apple Authorized Resellers and Service Providers in Pakistan but we have come a long way. Our prowess in the consumer and corporate section has allowed us to branch out in what services and products we provide. Pak Mac is always working to meet customer demand and that is why we are one of the few businesses that are suited for versatile procurement.


Primary Brands:

  • Apple

  • Dell

  • Lenovo

  • HP

  • Intel

  • Promise Technology

  • G-Technology

  • Microsoft (OEM & OLP)

  • AMD

  • Nvidia

  • Advantech

  • Kingston

  • Western Digital

  • Anker

  • Belkin

  • Logitech


  • Baseus

Our Products:

  • All kinds of computer hardware

  • All kinds of IT software

  • Networking equipment

  • Networking infrastructure

  • Storage solutions

  • Genuine accessories

  • Scanners, printers, office products

  • Display technologies

  • Entertainment suites

  • Gaming computers

  • Surveillance System

  • Telecom Systems


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