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WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram


Facebook is in the news again these days due to recent articles pointing towards some services being merged.

A bit of context, the famous messaging app WhatsApp and the famous picture blogging app Instagram were both acquired by Facebook a while back but were let to operate individually having little or no interference from the company Facebook.

That might change soon as Facebook representatives have revealed that they are working for the messaging elements of all three platforms to cross communicate with each other. Which basically means in theory that you will be able to talk to someone on Messenger from your WhatsApp. It is still to be seen how this would be achieved smoothly as all three platforms rely on different methods of adding friends and allow people to communicate with you.

Instagram relies on a follow and following system.

Facebook relies on add a friend system.

WhatsApp relies on your personal mobile number for someone to be messaged.

The problem is that all 3 platforms have their own user base and there will be massive issues if they are merged, maybe people stop using all three of these services all together but the issue is that WhatsApp is really important in emerging markets like Pakistan and India especially due to the recent WhatsApp Business application which allows customers to contact business directly.

So for now its all wait and see, maybe this might give a chance to some new company to enter the market.


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