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Accessories and attachments play a big role in your experience with technology. At Pak Mac we work to serve our customers better and offer a wide variety of original accessories. Please feel free to contact our sales representative in order to help you decide what you require for an enhanced experience.


Some categories we offer:

  • Apple Original Accessories

  • Multimedia Peripherals

  • Printers & Scanners

  • All-in-One Solutions

  • Professional Grade Monitors

  • Consumer Grade Monitors

  • Cloud Based Storage Solutions

  • Wired Storage Solutions

  • Server Based Solutions

  • Networking Devices

  • Computer Peripherals

    • Keyboards​

    • Mice

    • Webcams

    • Speakers

    • Converters

Original Branded Accessories
Apple Original Accessories
Apple Original Peripherals
Logitech Accessories
High Fidelity Monitors
Office Accessories
Original Anker Accessories

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Please note that many similar accessories are offered by various brands, to be sure what you require please inform our sales representative.

All models are subject to availability. Pak Mac will inform you if the goods you have inquired about are not available. Please request a quote for the product you wish by clicking on the images, quotes are usually valid for 7 days. For further guidance contact

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